by Cloaca

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released November 13, 2015

Artwork by Alexandre Goulet
Recording, mix & mastering by Ben Knightbus



all rights reserved


Cloaca Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Social Cloaca
"Oh my god, they took control of the shithole we drop them in"

Social Cloaca, you created that
Social Cloaca, just cope with it

It's too late for a fuckin' payback
Desperation / Violent response

Social Cloaca
Track Name: Ideals vs. Paycheck
Little boss, what do you think?
You're just full of shit

One day I'll fuckin' fight back, you won't fuckin' crush me asswipe

Break into the shop at night, burn it to the ground
Bite the hand that feeds you
Raise your voice, be the loudest
Don't forget your ideals for a paycheck
Track Name: Pig
Beating people for no reason, trying to control by violence
Cops will be cops and you fucking know it
Throw the rock first, start a fire, rost the pig

The only good response is not peaceful
They assault us / Just assault them

Fuckin' system guard dogs, corporate violence as the only answer
Fuckin' system guard dog, you're just nothing else than a pig

Just assault them
Track Name: Teenage Conservatives
Political apathy, teenage conservatives
No questions, no worries

Eat the soup you'll simmer in, teenage conservatives
Not concerned, let them do

Feed you, break you, crush you

Seventeen and already a dick
Thinks he is not concerned by his surrounding

Feed you / Break you / Crush you
Track Name: Lurkers
Hiding in the crowd, lurking in the shade
Bypassing our causes behind a mask

Hiding in the crowd, recycling the fear
Cheering ignorants, surfing on hatred

Search and destroy, hunt the "fash" where they hide
Track Name: Fight to Deny
The hatred rush just kick, when you don't feel safe
Fight to erase, fight to suppress

Fight to deny
Track Name: Numb
Numb to life, hate my job, always wanting more
Work my shift, for a system, for the people who fuck me over

Work, wank, worry about the future

Expectations, never content, isolated alone
Hollowed out and void of thought
Blind to the now, with eyes to the future

The more I search, I'll never find it

Live for now and fuck the future